Genesis Pain Relief Light

The Genesis Pain Relief Light™ is a powerful new technology designed to relieve pain and accelerate healing. Developed and tested in Canada, this Health Canada licensed and FDA approved handheld device can be used to diminish age and athletic related muscle pains and injuries, as well as accelerating the healing process.genesis_arm

Genesis Pain Relief Light Technology

genesis_techMost of us know that specific parts of the light spectrum allow plants to make energy so they can grow, repair and thrive. It is also common knowledge that some light, like UV rays from the sun, can be harmful to the body in large amounts.

The technology behind the Genesis Pain Relief Light™ is different because it filters part of the light spectrum, specifically Near Infrared A, in a unique way.

The entire light spectrum passes through the device’s innovative fluid based filter, it removes all unwanted rays (like UV rays) and harnesses restorative properties of Near Infrared A.

As the first to develop and use this technology, the Genesis Pain Relief Light™ is the only existing technology that harnesses a broad spectrum of Near Infrared A light, allowing it to stimulate healing at the cell level.

The Genesis Pain Relief Light™ produces broad spectrum light that passes through our unique fluid based filter*, removing all but visible light and Near Infrared A, which translates into high penetration healing properties.

Near Infrared A light accelerates healing at the cell level by stimulating the mitochondrion membrane to produce ATP, the fuel that all cells utilize to perform cellular activities, including cellular repair and collagen production.

Positive effects from exposure to Near Infrared A light during treatment with the Genesis Pain Relief Light™ include improved recovery from injury, pain relief within soft tissue like muscles and accelerating the healing process.